Light spills in from the skylights and moves across the walls and floor. The end wall is left windowless to accommodate bookshelves, a smart board, or a good old fashioned blackboard. ⠀

In addition to an office, this building with a half-bath can be used as an art studio, guest house, backyard bonus room, moving greenroom for traveling performers, tattoo parlor, mobile clinic, camper, and much more.
Freshwater and blackwater tanks store water for the sink and the toilet is dry-flush. Hook this multipurpose building up to RV hookups or go off-grid with batteries and/or solar panels. ⠀

– 20 x 8.5 x 13.5 ft
– 170 sq ft
– Beautiful, large windows
– Dramatic Skylight
– Multi-functional: can be used as a studio, office, weekend vacation home
– Suitable for both on and off-grid living
– Half-bath with dry-flush toilet
– In-wall heating system
– Freshwater and blackwater tanks
– Custom built desk
– White dry wall ceilings and walls
– Staged by Lenox Local and MacKimmie Co, all staging items are for sale separately
– Photography by Steph Rapsiarda,
– Deliverable anywhere in the continental United States for about $2 per mile plus tolls (this price fluctuates with fuel prices)
– Priced at $43,900

A custom tiny house on wheels built by BB Tiny Houses.


  • Sandra says:

    I find that a little too expensive I can build one with everything in it and a bedroom for that amount and have 320sf of living space…. What a ripoff. I feel that most tiny house builders are taking advantage of people that are not doing their homework, and if you reuse and repurpose materials you would be surprised of how much more you could save. The most expensive piece of a tiny is the flatbed trailer for building on.

  • Dominick Bundy says:

    Must have been built for people who never sleep or change their clothes. Didn’ See any kind of bed or sleeping space. Nor any closets at all either. So what is this tiny house suppose to be about and offer?

  • Linda says:

    Okay for an office but seems to have too much kitchen space for that use. I wouldn’t think it would make a comfortable guest house. I do think it’s a good looking tiny house.

  • Jhay says:

    This house is soooo beautiful! Looks like a fairytale house, I’m looking at the photos and just waiting for some magic to happen! 
    Thank you for this post – made me daydream and inspired my whole afternoon! where will this be available?

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