Ashland Cabin


A tiny cabin with lots of outdoor living space in small cutout parcel amongst a lush forest.

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  1. The listing shows it having one bedroom and one bathroom, but they aren’t shown. It’s a beautiful place that is just a few miles from Mt. Rainier which is a high priority volcano that can become active at any time. A lovely place but being caught in a volcano is not on my bucket list.

  2. Dorothy, Ashland is at the bottom of Oregon, Mt. Rainer is in Washington State, a distance of at least seven hours drive on the highways.

  3. If this is in Ashland, Oregon, it is 8 hours from Mount Rainier. Some other Cascade Range volcano might be a threat, but not Rainier.

    1. Ah, ha- not Ashland, OR. Ashford, WA. Someone needs to edit the post. Still, not worried about Rainier. Mt. Hood will probably go first.

  4. Beautiful cabin, lovely area, looks very well built, but why build all those decks and no bathroom or at least 1 bedroom ? I just don’t understand if your going to build a vacation cabin or a round the year permanent home I would want a place to pee and a place to lay my head at night or are you saying well you could always pee off the porch, sorry, deck? Pitch a tent and roll out the sleeping bag? Who wants to do all that? I want to have a place where you drive up get out the car, open the cabin door and just have every thing already there except a few clothes and groceries, everything else I need ready and waiting.

  5. Is there really no bathroom? That would be a shame since it’s otherwise a comfortable looking space. Is there an actual bedroom as well? Several important details missing in this posting! Beautiful setting.

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