83 Square Feet Tiny House

Several months ago my girlfriend and I posted pictures of the tiny house that we lived in here on Tiny House Swoon…at the time. Well our story in tiny house 1.0 has ended. A young man showed interest in living in 1.0 and bought it from us in February. Since the time from his inquiry to the time he needed to be living inside of the tiny house was short my girlfriend and I decided that we should try and make an even tinier tiny house. First because of the time constraint and secondly because we felt we could make a more efficient tiny house. With 6 weeks of total build time and only a few thousand dollars on hand we got to work and the finished product is 83 square feet of joy. Inside we have a simple kitchen across from a standing desk which leaves plenty of room below for storage of things such as motorcycle helmets and shoes. Sitting in the back of the house is the sleeping room which sits on the floor which will come in handy during the hot Texas summer months when because heat tends to rise. Sitting atop the bed is our living area which sports a little love seat across from our entertainment center. The ceilings of the house are only 8 feet high so the living room is not a place for standing. The farm where our house is parked also houses other small and tiny homes and there is a community bathroom which has a toilet an outdoor shower and wash and dryer.

Feel free to email us at tinyhouseask@yahoo.com with any questions regarding tiny house builds, life with 2 people in 83 square feet or anything else for that matter. Yes we do both live in the house full time.

An 83 square feet tiny house built in 6 weeks for only a few thousands dollars and used as a full-time residence.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


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